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Water Pump Project for Clean Water

The Quran says that Allah (SWT) has created all living things from water. This very important message shows the significance of water in our lives. We are obligated to use it wisely for our health, hygiene, and sanitation. In Pakistan, 84% of the population does not have access to safe drinking water according to a study conducted by (PCRWR). There is an urgent need of Water Pumps for clean drinking water in schools in villages to benefit thousands of children.

HOME International has been running clean water pump project successfully with the support of our donors since 2015. We have installed 10 water pumps which are benefitting 6,700 school children and 2,700 village people.

Here are some pictures from different schools where we have installed water pumps:

1. Government Girls High School, Rao Khan Wala, Qasur

2. Govt. Girls English Medium School, No1, Aorara, Qasur

3. Govt. Girls Primary School, Hasal Kundal, Lahore

4. Superior Boys and Girls High School, Lakhowal, Lahore

5. Govt. High School, Chamarpur, Lahore

6. Govt. Girls School, Gangjatay, Lahore

You can make a difference too! Let’s work together to make water pumps available in 100 schools in Pakistan. I am sure that a smile on the face of a child after she sips water from a water pump that you helped with, is absolutely priceless. Therefore, contribute however possible!

How we do it?

We are installing water pumps in schools, villages and rural areas of Pakistan. Our team survey locations where there is an urgent need for water pumps, especially in schools. Children can benefit this natural gift of clean water with improved health, sanitation, and hygiene, leading to happier and healthier lives. We look for the locations where water pumps are needed for the following reasons:

  1. Water level has dropped and water pumps are non-functional

  2. Water is salty and needs a deeper drill to get sweet water.

  3. Electric water motors are not working properly due to power shortage and a hand pump is necessary as an alternate.

  4. In villages where there is no electric power available and water hand pumps are needed.

  5. Schools where one water pump is not sufficient for a large number of children.

  6. Road locations where people and animals both can quench their thirst.

  7. Schools where water pumps have been broken and being ignored due to non-sufficient funds.

Support this Sadaqa Jaria (Perpetual Charity)

One water pump installation costs $ 250 . You can donate any amount to add up to the cost of a water pump. You donate for yourself or for your parents and loved ones to earn Sadaqah Jariyah (Perpetual Charity).That will earn continued blessings and rewards from Allah (SWT). Help us in this good cause, so we can install more and more as it is an urgent need. JazakAllah Khayr.

Here are some more villages pictures:

1. Masjid Sharif, Jeomel, Qasur

2. Masjid Noor, Village Safed Khan, Qasur

Few more pictures:

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