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As Salam Aleykum wa-rathmatullah wa-barakatu

BismeAllah Ihrahman Ihrahim. 


My name is Maria Clara Gonzalez, I am from Colombia and I'm 22 years old. I'm a Political Scientist graduated in Colombia, and right now I'm a Masters student of Middle Eastern Studies in Istanbul, Turkey.

The reason why I am writing this e-mail to you today is because for several years I have felt motivation to work with initiatives, organizations and foundations that care about children living in vulnerable conditions while offering them opportunities for a better future. Thus, I decided to write to you in order to show my intention of being able to join your team; I'm aware of all the great things you do as an organization and I would like to contribute with that beautiful cause of yours.

There are many reasons why I feel compelled to lend a hand to help orphaned girls. However, on top of my list, the most important one is to please the Al-Khaliq (the Creator).

As a Muslim, I have the duty to give my love, my time to someone in need. For the sake of Allah, I really want to be part of this wonderful organization and provide all my heart to make someone else’s life happier.

It's important for me to try harder every day to somehow change the world. I cannot offer money, but I can offer my heart and my dedication in any kind of activity you may need help with right now. I plan come to Pakistan in the future and teach the girls. The future depends on what we do in the present, and all I want to start shaping that future.

 Clara Gonzalez Castellar, Istanbul, Turkey, May 19, 2015

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