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About Us

Saving the Girl Child - the Blessing of Allah

HOME International (HOME) is a nonprofit, 501(c) (3) tax deductible, charitable organization registered in California on June 2012 with the Attorney General’s Office of Charitable Trusts. We are also registered as a trust in Pakistan called HOME Charity Trust (Waqf).


Be assured that 100% of all donations go for the welfare and education of orphan girls. Our major project is to build and run a home for orphan girls in Lahore, Pakistan. We are committed and dedicated to give a prosperous future to the most disadvantaged orphan girls in Pakistan by raising them in healthy, Islamic environment with love, care, education and life skills to help them succeed.

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Our Motivation

We are doing this noble work to please Allah SWT. The Quran tells us:

“the Righteous are…those who feed the poor, the orphan…for the Love of Allah. (Saying), We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: we seek from you neither reward nor thanks” (Quran 76:8-9).

The founders, Br. Mohammad Mazhar Rasul and Sr. Kuralay Mazhar have donated a piece of land to build a home for orphan girls in Lahore, Pakistan. They want to leave this legacy behind as a perpetual charity (Sadaqa Jariah) for the benefit of future generations.

Unfortunately, orphan girls are more vulnerable to neglect, abuse and falling into the wrong hands.

They remain illiterate and dependant on begging. In Pakistan, over 150,000 children are working on the streets and approximately 50 per cent of them are involved in child prostitution according to Faiza Mirza. (Dawn, Jul 23, 2012.)

HOME International wants to offer orphan girls a better future.  God willing, the girls living in our home will some day become doctors, lawyers, teachers, professionals, government officials working to serve their communities and humanity.


Our program focuses on quality over quantity. Our home for orphan girls is an institution that maintains the highest standards of education, health, safety, and character building. In the first phase of our project, we have been hosting five girls living in the family like atmosphere.

For their educational and medical needs, we use the Sharif Educational Complex and Sharif Medical Complex, and also a Government School for Girls, located nearby.

The girls will be provided guidance and resources to help them achieve their education and life goals to our best of ability. We are building partnerships and alliances with like-minded organizations. We are always in search of committed and dedicated people to become our members, donors, patrons and volunteers.

Meet the Team

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