Educate the Orphan Girl

Change Their Lives



There are many reasons a girl becomes an orphan in Pakistan such as: 

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods

  • Illness or accidents

  • Man-made disasters such as war and violence

  • Poverty and abandonment

  • Drug addiction

It is our duty to help these girls and not let their unfortunate fate become a lifetime of misfortune.

 We at HOME are contributing towards girls' education because by investing in girls' education, we are uplifting the entire society.

Girls’ education has a huge impact on all of society:


  • Educated mothers educate their children better.

  • Educated women have decrease in infant and maternal morality and better health.

  • Educated girls lead productive life with better standard of living.

  • Educated women have more participation in the political process.

  • Educated women have less domestic and sexual abuse.

  • Educated women support less militancy and terrorism.

  • Educated girls will become doctors, lawyers, teachers, professionals, government officials and even honest politicians to serve humanity.


Do you agree that we should do something to help the orphan girls?

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