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Educate the Orphan Girl

Change Their Lives

There are many reasons a girl becomes an orphan in Pakistan: 

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods

  • Illness or accidents

  • Man-made disasters such as war and violence

  • Poverty and abandonment

  • Drug addiction

It is our duty to help these girls and not let their unfortunate fate become a lifetime of misfortune.

 We at HOME are contributing towards girls' education because by investing in girls' education, we are uplifting the entire society.

Girls’ education has a huge impact on all of society:


  • Educated mothers raise educated children.

  • Educated women experience better health, and are less likely to experience infant and maternal morality.

  • Educated girls lead productive lives with a better standard of living.

  • Educated women participate in more political processes.

  • Educated women are less likely to experience domestic and sexual abuse.

  • Educated women are less likely to support militancy and terrorism.

  • Educated girls are more likely to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, professionals, government officials, and honest politicians to serve humanity.


Do you agree that we should do something to help the orphan girls?

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